Practical information

The school runs from 8:30 to 16:30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

A reception is provided in the morning from 8:00 and in the evening until 18:00.

For lunch, parents prepare their children's meals in a lunch box. We are in the process of researching the possibility of organic meals prepared by a caterer based on requests made by parents.


It should be noted that school in France, even public, is not free! This is the case for both national education and private schools. The cost is also funded greatly through your taxes, whether you are taxable or not.

Tuition in Montessori also has a cost that can be much lower than the cost of a so-called classical school (national education, for example).

According to the Ministry of Education, in 2016, the cost of a primary school child in a school under contract with the State is estimated at 6500 euros per year (ie 591 euros per month over 11 months).

In our school, the fees for first child of a sibling are 460 euros per month (over 11 months) and if he/she has brothers or sisters who join our school the same year, the price will decrease (see below).

Montessori School "Les Loupiots" is a private school ‘hors-contrat’.

This means that it is independent and does not receive any help or subsidy from the French state. We must therefore cover rent, salaries, materials and other expenses by relying on parents. It is therefore a strong choice and a militant act that you do for your child by choosing another form of education, which has respect for your child and their individual rhythms.

To participate in the running costs of the school, the fees are as follows:

  • Registration fee: 300 € for a 1st child, 150 € for the 2nd child of the same family. These are due to the registration of the child and only once, regardless of the number of years spent in our establishment.
  • Supply costs: 80 € per year, payable at the beginning of each year.
  • Monthly fees (tuition): they amount to 460 € per month over 11 months. These fees decrease for siblings: € 350 for the second child when they are enrolled at the same time.
  • The morning reception from 8:00 am is free of charge.
  • The evening reception from 16:30 to 18:00 : 2 € per day.

A part-time formula is created for parents who would like it. We will receive the child two whole days in the week instead of 4: these days will be defined together.

Part-time school fees:

  • 1st child: 300 € per month. For the 2nd child (same siblings, same school year): 250 € per month.