Montessori School

« Les Loupiots »

AMI bilingual French-English

for children from 2,5 to 12 years old in Lougratte, Lot-et-Garonne (47), Southwestern France

THIS WEBSITE IS NO LONGER UPDATED. Please go on our new website here : Centre Les Loupiots

Our Montessori school was established on 6th March 2017. The school is located in a fine manor house on a property of over 1.3 hectares. "Les Loupiots" school caters for children aged from 3 to 6 years old who can take full advantage of the 90m2 space (classroom) where they can discover and learn using material following the complete Montessori approach. We are officially certified and approved by the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale). We have two certified AMI Educators (a native English speaker and a French native speaker). Both our educators hold the internationally recognised Montessori diploma which is only obtained after completing years of study, months of internships, written and oral examinations and detailed dissertations all using the certified Montessori pedagogical material.

It should be noted that the name Montessori is not protected and therefore it is sometimes used abusively:

In France, many Montessori schools, even if full of good will, are in reality only « Montessori inspired » : sometimes mixing several pedagogies and going against the essential specificities created by Maria Montessori. Unfortunately, these schools may not have the necessary accredited material, nor an AMI certified educator. A fully accredited AMI educator alone attests to a real knowledge of the pedagogy and the benevolent positioning of the adult toward the children. Moreover, they all possess the necessary skills and expertise with regard to the correct use of this material.

A person does not become a Montessori educator any more than they become a doctor in just a few weeks of training or reading!

The 6 to 12 years old classroom is now opened. (see below)


Our establishment is a Montessori school. Named after Maria Montessori, who put in place an alternative pedagogy more than a century ago. There are more than 8,000 Montessori schools all over the world, spread across more than 50 countries within each inhabited continent. There are several hundred Montessori schools in France, they meet a need by many parents for an “alternative” school approach.

The pedagogy is based on the self-confidence acquired by the autonomy and the respect of the rhythm of each child. We first opened a French-English bilingual kindergarten, also known as a "children's home". The manor house is arranged and equipped so that the child gains maximum autonomy. All the learning is done through sensory methods. This is thanks to specific pedagogical material which makes it possible to solicit the different senses of the child in order to allow them integrate the object of their work. These classrooms could facilitate up to thirty students from 3 to 6 years old. This mixture of ages is a great source of wealth in exchanges between children.

The 6-12 years old classroom is now opened! Lucie, our french AMI guide and Sally her australian assistant take care of the 6-12 years old children in French and in English. They learn in a magnificent huge 220 square meters room equiped with all the Nienhus pedagogical equipment (only brand worldwide recognised and validated by Association Montessori Internationale, AMI), with high ceiling, full of natural light and with a large view on the wooden roof structure.

Our values

We are committed to enabling children to reach their own potential in a place where any obstacles to their personal development will be as rare as possible. Our respect for the environment has invited us to create a school where the relationship with nature is a priority. Unfortunately, it is common nowadays for most Montessori schools to open their doors located in city centers. We have decided to move away from this so that children can freely access the greenery and nature. On these 1.3 hectares, our property in Lougratte allows us to design a green space for maximum benefit in meeting the needs of the children. Conscious of these needs, Maria Montessori reserved an important place for the sensory discovery of nature.

The building where we host the children, has been built in 1834. It is endowed with magnificent ancient elements which are a way for us to show the children that it is possible to create from the existing, and that what our elders knew how to do formerly remains useful and delights the young eyes of today.

The pedagogy is based on the great values of mutual aid, solidarity and adaptability. It is a priority for us to ensure that every child, whatever their particularity, can find their place in our school and, above all, that they flourish there as they feels supported and understood.


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Thanks to artisans

As mentioned, the building which houses our school dates from 1834. Originally it was in bad condition and required a rapid renovation that was respectful of its beauty. Local craftsmen, to whom we have called upon, have demonstrated outstanding professionalism, speed, skill and dedication. They have succeeded in reviving the charm of the old while trying to adapt it to the standards necessary for the opening of a school. This enormous project was realized in a record time of 5 months, this was only possible thanks to their incredible will and kindness. We would like to warmly recommend them:


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