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    enabling children to reach their own potential

    We are committed to enabling children to reach their own potential in a place where any obstacles to their personal development will be as rare as possible.

    Our respect for the environment has invited us to create a school where the relationship with nature is a priority. Unfortunately, it is common nowadays for most Montessori schools to open their doors located in city centers. We have decided to move away from this so that children can freely access the greenery and nature. On these 1.3 hectares, our property in Lougratte allows us to design a green space for maximum benefit in meeting the needs of the children. Chickens, two miniature goats (Oscar and Olga), Prosper the donkey and Yoko our cat are the Loupiot's animals. They share the children's outdoors and the children love to take care of them.

    Obviously, we show the children how to take care of mother nature for instance in reducing at maximum our human impact on it : that's the reason why, with the children, we do waste separation, we also have a dry toilet outside and two composter. In the kitchen garden we grow aromatic herbs and vegetables without pesticides neither fertilizers.

    Conscious of these needs, Maria Montessori reserved an important place for the sensory discovery of nature.

    The building where we host the children, has been built in 1834. It is endowed with magnificent ancient elements which are a way for us to show the children that it is possible to create from the existing, and that what our elders knew how to do formerly remains useful and delights the young eyes of today.

    The pedagogy is based on the great values ​​of mutual aid, solidarity and adaptability. It is a priority for us to ensure that every child, whatever their particularity, can find their place in our school and, above all, that they flourish there as they feel supported and understood.

    montessori school LES LOUPIOTS
    Share capital : 20 000 €
    89, route de la Galvagne
    47290 Lougratte, France
    SIRET : 824 582 944 RCS Agen
    Les Loupiots is officially recognised by the French laws as a social utility solidarity company
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