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  • Montessori School « Les Loupiots »

    AMI bilingual french-english for children from 3 to 12 years old
    in Lougratte, Lot-et-Garonne (47), France


    Our Montessori school was established on March 2017. The school is located in a fine manor house on a property of over 3.21 acres (1.3 hectares). « Les Loupiots » school caters for children aged from 2,5 to 12 years old.  The youngest can take full advantage of the 968 ft2 (90m2) space (classroom) where they can discover and learn using material following the complete Montessori approach. So can do the 6 to 12 years old children in a newly renovated 2368 ft2 room opened in April 2019 (see below).

    We are officially certified and approved by the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale). In each "ambiance" (classroom), we have a certified AMI Educator (a bilingual French native speaker).  Ours Educators (or “guide” in Montessori language) hold the internationally recognised Montessori diploma which is only obtained after completing years of study, months of internships, written and oral examinations and detailed dissertations all using the certified Montessori pedagogical material (brand Nienhuis).

    It should be noted that the name Montessori is not protected and therefore it is sometimes used abusively:
    In France, many Montessori schools, even if full of good will, are in reality only « Montessori inspired » : sometimes mixing several pedagogies and going against the essential specificities created by Maria Montessori. Unfortunately, these schools may not have the necessary accredited material, nor an AMI certified educator/guide. A fully accredited AMI guide alone attests to a real knowledge of the pedagogy and the benevolent positioning of the adult toward the children. Moreover, the AMI certified educators possess the necessary skills and expertise with regard to the correct use of this material.

    A person does not become a Montessori educator/guide any more than one become a doctor in just a few weeks of training or reading!

    The 6-12 years old children’s class opened in September 2018 and has been transferred upstairs in the 220 m2 room in April 2019 (see more pictures in the "photos" section).


    Directors and co-founders of the school :

    Yann et Audrey MEILLAN, certified Montessori AMI School Directors and Assistants Montessori Grads 3-6 years old AMI from the Maria Montessori Higher Institute (ISMM — Nogent sur Marne).

    Educators (or "Guide" in Montessorian words) :

    Erika MASSON, French speaking guide graduated AMI from the Maria Montessori Higher Institute (ISMM — Nogent sur Marne) Grads 3-6 years old, also graduated level 1, 2 and 3 in Non Violent Communication and in Emotional Grammar from Isabelle Filiozat.

    Laura STEFANUTTO, French bilingual educator/guide Grads 6-12 years old, being trained at the AMI "Centre de Formation Montessori Francophonie" (CFMF -- near Geneva).

    Assistant :

    Sally GOODE, English speaking AMI certified assistant.

    Laura Yasmin ESSAYAH, English speaking AMI certified assistant.

    montessori school LES LOUPIOTS
    Share capital : 20 000 €
    89, route de la Galvagne
    47290 Lougratte, France
    SIRET : 824 582 944 RCS Agen
    Les Loupiots is officially recognised by the French laws as a social utility solidarity company
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