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  • The website, hereinafter referred to as « the site », and accessible at the address, applies a very strict confidentiality policy whose details you will find below.

    Exemption from consent

    You will probably have noted the lack of warning about the use of cookies on the site: far from being an oversight, this absence actually means that in view of the strict confidentiality policy that it applies, the use of the site does not require any consent from you.

    The respect of your private is indeed a priority and no personal data is collected on the site without your consent, which is a waiver of request for prior agreement on your part, as provided by the CNIL.

    Collected data

    The only data collected on the site are those that are technically indispensable (session cookie) and those necessary for the various statistical treatments (audience measurement).

    None of this data contains any personal information: session cookies are by nature anonymous and we have made sure that the statistical data are also anonymous.

    Technically, the tool used to measure the audience of the site, SlimStat, has been set to anonymize your IP address: concretely, the last two bytes of your IP address are systematically removed before storage. In addition, we have enabled the Do Not Track option, which prohibits other sites from tracking your navigation.

    These data are stored securely in France, at the host of the site. They can not in any case be transmitted to a third party and their storage period can not exceed one year from your first visit, in accordance with the legislation.

    Vos préférences actuelles

    Vous ne participez pas actuellement à notre programme d'enregistrement de données anonymes à des fins statistiques.

    Si vous souhaitez réviser votre choix et y participer, et contribuer ainsi à l'amélioration de notre qualité de service, cliquez simplement sur le bouton rouge ci-dessus.
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